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We are a consulting company with a passion for cybersecurity. We are assisting our customers to become resilient against cyber-attacks — an expert in discovering and validating vulnerabilities in web-applications and network infrastructures. At BitSecure, we measure and calculate cyber risk across the modern attack surface; you’ll have a 360-degree view into your entire enterprise – endpoints, servers, applications, containers, cloud workloads, IoT devices and even operational technology like industrial control systems. Strengthen Your Defences & Prevent Future Breaches With A Professional Penetration Test. Don’t risk outsourcing your cyber-security overseas. Penetration testing works by intentionally allowing a breach of your network, systems and security. It is not advisable to allow anyone outside of Australia to do this. 

What is an ISO Internal Audit 


The objective of the internal audit is to evaluate the effectiveness of your organisation's Information Security Management System (ISMS) and the overall efficiency of your organization. Your internal audits show that you are complying with the "provisions", for example, ISMS and how its processes are implemented and sustained.


BitSecure was started in 2018 from a practical need of the founder - who performed security tests using industry-leading Forensic Tools. Since then, the project has evolved into a fully-fledged penetration testing and vulnerability assessment.


The company is managed by its founder, a certified IEC ISO27001 Senior Lead Auditor and highly passionate individual in the cybersecurity domain. With 5+ years of experience in penetration testing and cybersecurity consultation (ISO27001:2013), Our dream is to make BitSecure the 'go-to' place for cybersecurity assessments. 


BitSecure is an expert in analysing asset inventories and interactive topology maps to deliver an up-to-date view of what must be protected. Our vulnerability assessment identifies and prioritises weaknesses that can become the pathway for adversaries to compromise control systems and disrupt critical processes. Certified ISMS consultant and lead auditor focused on leading the development of IT security design and architecture projects in alignment with business, operational and compliance requirements. We are proficient in auditing and assessing the state of your current security posture, in turn helping you meet compliance regulations and designing the future of your security programs.


Experts in

​Comprehensive penetration test of your web applications, web services and APIs that may be used to store and access critical business information, with the goal to identify and exploit web-borne vulnerabilities.


​We analyse your security posture and determine how exposed your systems, services and data are to malicious actors from external, internal, and web applications.

web applications

​Web applications have emerged as common targets for attackers. Attackers can take advantage of fairly simple vulnerabilities to access confidential information, often containing personally identifiable information. We're here to help!


Your ally against cybersecurity threats. BitSecure gives organisations the visibility and control they need to reduce risk, achieve compliance objectives, and boost operational performance





Intelligence Gathering


Intelligence gathering is the first stage in which direct actions against the target are taken. One of the most important ability a pen tester should possess is to know how to learn as much as possible about a targeted organisation without the test has even begun.


Web Application Testing


This section describes how we conduct web application security testing and explains how to test for evidence of vulnerabilities within the application due to deficiencies with identified security controls.


Infrastructure Testing


We find security exposures across network, web, container, database, virtual, and IoT assets. We provide executive report along with prioritise and remediate vulnerabilities based on real risk to critical assets.


Cyber Security Testing


We target Azure, Office365, SharePoint, AWS and tries to retrieve certain default pages that indicate the presence of the mentioned vulnerabilities. Furthermore, the HTTP response headers received from the server are also analysed to find security issues.


SSL Test


We attempt to identify servers vulnerable to the OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability (CVE-2014-0160), SSL Poodle, SSL Drown and Robot Attack. When such a server is discovered, we also provide a memory dump from the affected server.


Vulnerability Management


Identify, prioritise, and remediate vulnerabilities and inform privilege decisions with risk insights. BitSecure is an expert in analysing asset inventories and interactive topology maps to deliver an up-to-date view of what must be protected.



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